Daily Devotion – God’s Word

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God

- Matthew 4:4

We have to eat to live. Yet, Jesus reminds us (and Satan), food is not all that is needed. You could have all the food in the world and yet remain empty and lifeless.

The one thing that truly energizes and fills and sustains is the Word of God. With God's Word as your constant companion and sustenance, you can be content even when other food is withheld, just like Jesus was after fasting for 40 days.

But notice that we are to live by every word that proceeds from God's mouth, not just our pet passages or favorite verses. There is not a word in God's Word that we do not need, that we cannot profit from. God's Word is a well-rounded meal and we are not meant to leave any part of it out.

Do you agree with Jesus? Do you see that consuming everything this world has to offer would still leave you empty, and yet each word of God is able to build you up and strengthen you for life's journey?

If you agree with Jesus, do you live like Jesus? Do you forgo Satan's temptation to find fulfillment in earth-bound pleasures, in order to enjoy the far greater pleasure of communion with God?

Are you living on bread alone, or by every word of God's Word?


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Good day to whoever will view this.
First Sunday of the second month of the year 2016.
This year has been good so far.
Been off for so long due to medical school work load.
Done with med. School now…still in search of a place for Housemanship though…hopefully will get a place before the end of
this month.
Will have time to post more of what I love…technology news and more.
Stay connected people.


Gullfoss waterfall, Iceland

Glacial water is brownish, since it carries lots of sediments that the glacial ice has carved off the earth. Gullfoss is called the “Golden Falls”, since on a sunny day the water plunging down the three step staircase and then tumbeling in two steps down into the 32 m deep crevice truly looks golden